Best Way to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Hi flowers, what are we going to see today, how to remove dark spots?. How do these dark spots come about? and how to remove  dark spots?. After a pimple appears on our face, after it goes away, a dark spot is created at the place where the pimple used to be. That spot is called a dark spot. You should remove those dark spots time to time. There is always a pimple on the face and there is never a time when there is no pimple. For those who are like that, this dark spot comes mostly on the base and we don’t know how to get remove of it. Now let’s see how to remove those dark parts.

Dark Spots Removing Face Pace No 1:-

  1. Potato – 1
  2. Milk – 2 tbsp

First, take two potatoes and peel off the skin. Then cut it into small pieces. Now to make this cut, put the potato in a mixer jar and grind it. We use the same mixer that we always use for cooking, we use to grind this type of face pack, so please clean and keep that mixer. After half an hour, take two tablespoons and put it in a bowl. Then add two table spoon of milk to it. Then mix these two well and keep it now our dark spots removing face pack is ready.

How to Apply:-

Then dip this mixture in a cotton ball and apply it gently on the face. These potatoes are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which are very helpful in opening up the pores on our face and removing dead cells. Mainly it is very helpful in removing dark spots and dark circles on our face. This will keep our skin from drying up. We can also use it daily as a toner which is very beneficial for our skin.

After applying this on our face, we can wash it off after ten minutes. We don’t need to dry it for ten minutes, keep massaging it. Because on your face only then we can exfoliate the dead skin cells on our face. By massaging your hands like this, blood circulation increases in our face, thus blood circulation increases and our face glows and shines.

Use this face pack regularly and you will see your face getting rid of dark spots. Mostly how do these pimples get more and some people get pimples due to excess oil on the face. This pimple is more likely to occur due to excessive oily snack, white sugar, milk intake. In addition, those who have dandruff also have a chance to get more pimples on their foreheads.

Also we should not apply too much oil on our head. When you put too much oil on your head, the oil will fall on your face. Again, there is a possibility that you will get more pimples on your face. Likewise, if you are someone who sleeps with a lot of oil on the head, then put some clothes on the pillow and sleep.

Because if you don’t, when you use the same pillow again, you may get pimples due to the moisture from the pillow getting on your face. If we correct these small mistakes, pimples on our face will decrease. If you don’t have that pimple then you won’t get dark spots on your face.

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Dark Spots Removing Face Pace No 2:-

  1. Potato – 1
  2. Fenugreek – 1 tbsp
  3. Multani mitti – 1 tbsp
  4. Lemon – 1/2 (Half lemon)

We also need potatoes for this. Peel the potato, cut it and put it in a mixing jar. After that add a spoonful of soaked fenugreek. If not for four to five hours, you can soak this fenugreek overnight. Add fenugreek only without adding water. Because the potato itself has a lot of juice, that’s enough. Now grind both of these well. Grind it well into fine paste and transfer it to a bowl.

There is this face pack and these two things are very important so don’t skip it. Mix one spoon of multani metti powder with this paste. These three combinations together remove the dark spots from our face and whiten our face. After mixing these three well, squeeze half a lemon in it. After mixing it well keep it in an airtight container. You can keep it in the refrigerator for almost a week.

This mixture can be used by both men and women and it will give good results to both. Instead of doing it daily, if you do it for a week, you can take it every now and then.

How to Apply:-

Then take your required amount of this face pack in a spoon. Some people may have doubts whether to apply during the day or at night. Just remember one thing no matter what kind of face pack you are using mostly night time is best. Because if you do something during the day you have to go out in the sun for some work. That face pack may not be useful so you should always choose at night time when you are going to finish face pack and go to sleep so there will be no problem.

You can use it twice a day for more benefits. You can apply this on your face twice a day during the day when you are out of the sun. Otherwise apply in the morning after waking up. Keep it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and then let it dry. This face pack takes some time to dry on your face because it contains fenugreek which takes some time to dry on your face.

This fenugreek seed will tighten your face and reduce the size of pores on your face. Thus by using these two methods regularly you can clear the dark spots on your face and keep your face crystal clear. Everyone knows that fenugreek can be used for hair.  From this you can know that it is also good for the face. Fenugreek reduces body heat and keeps the body healthy by treating kidney problems, digestive problems and constipation.

Fenugreek contains fiber, iron, calcium, protein and carbohydrates. These fenugreek seeds contain potassium which regulates cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. Fenugreek is a natural herb full of medicinal properties. It controls blood sugar levels and helps in weight loss. I hope you find this dark spot removing face pack post useful thanks

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