Best Powerful Hair Growth Hair Pack

Hi guys, Today we are going to talk about a Super Powerful Hair Growth Remedy. All the ingredients we have included in this can give a very good effect to your hair growth. You can use this liberally in summer season, anyone who is very cold, even those who have normal sinus problem, in summer season, you can use the ingredients that I have given on your hair, there will be no problem. So let’s see how to make this powerful hair growth hair pack.

Preparation for hair pack:-

This hair bag will reduce the heat in our body and keep your scalp clean. You will also get rid of the dandruff on your head easily. First of all, if the hair is to grow, the scalp must be clean and free of dandruff, only then the growth can be good without any hindrance. It also strengthens the hair follicles, even if we have long hair, the scalp of the hair on our head, is weak, and you will start getting hair loss very quickly.

A good hair pack that clears it all up and gives your scalp strength and improving hair growth. And what hair pack we are going to see today will make your scalp grow new hair. Your hair will look thicker only if there is new hair growth. I can also fix your hair if it’s too thin and lacks density. So we are going to see a hair pack that can give all these, which hair pack you use twice a week for a whole month and you will know the result.

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Necessary ingredients for this hair pack:-

  1. Hibiscus flower
  2. Fenugreek seed
  3. Small onion
  4. Olive oil

Hibiscus flower for hair growth:-

The first flower we are going to pick today for this hair pack is the hibiscus flower. Why we have taken this Hibiscus flower is that it gives a natural dark color to your hair. This hibiscus flower increases the production of melanin in your hair so when the production of melanin increases your hair will naturally be darker.

Plus it will help you grow some new hair. As long as your hair grows like that, your hair will grow very dark and healthy. Maybe if you don’t have hibiscus flower then take hibiscus leaf as hibiscus leaves have the same nutrients as flower.

Fenugreek seed for hair growth:-

The second ingredient that we are going to take is fenugreek. Take as much fenugreek as per your hair length and let it soak overnight. When you look at the fenugreek in the morning, the fenugreek will be well soaked and the water will turn yellow, the nutrients of the fenugreek will be added to the water.

This fenugreek not only relieves the heat on our scalp but also keeps our scalp clean and free from dandruff and also helps hair thickness. Because these onions contain vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, high levels of potassium and proteins. These thicken your hair from the roots. So this fenugreek is suitable for all types of hair types.

Small onion for hair growth:-

The last thing I take in this is small onion. This onion will fix your frontal baldness as well as treat your scalp. If there is a gap in your head where the hair is not growing then this onion will make the hair grow in that place.  People with this type of problem should not avoid onion and use it regularly and you will get good results. This onion also relieves itchy scalp and stimulates hair growth on your scalp.

If this small onion is very small then take one seven or eight no if it is little big onion then one four five is enough. Everyone knows the medicinal properties of onions. We use onion daily for our healthy life. This onion also plays an important role in the hair problem that plagues many people today.

When the body naturally produces too much hydrogen peroxide, hair turns gray at a young age. Onion juice controls this and prevents gray hair. People who are malnourished are prone to hair loss.

Olive oil for hair growth:-

Next we can add a tablespoon of olive oil to this. Olive oil works well in controlling dandruff in hair growth. Olive oil softens the scalp. Moisturizes the hair. Olive oil can also be used lightly warmed in an emergency. Some people have dry hair that makes combing brittle. Olive oil cures hair dryness. Softens hair. If you have very coarse hair you can use it every time you shampoo.

The high antioxidant content of olive oil helps prevent hair breakage. It also maintains the scalp. Why are we adding this olive oil so I am taking here all the ingredients are natural ingredients which can make your hair a little frizzy so add olive oil it will also keep your hair pH level under control. This will give your hair a softness. If you don’t have olive oil, add castor oil or mustard oil, one tablespoon.

Some people use different types of oils keeping in mind hair fall, dandruff problem, hair growth etc. Not all types of oil suit everyone’s hair. Also, olive oil can clog pores and trigger acne. So, if you feel acne breakouts after applying olive oil, you should avoid using it on your hair.

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How to make hair growth hair pack:-

Now wash and add the onion and hibiscus flower that we keep in the mix jar and add the fenugreek seeds with water. Grind it well and put it on a clean cloth and filter it. Why we make filter it doesn’t stick to our head and it is very easy to wash it. Now mix all these well and your hair pack is ready

How to apply hair growth hair pack:-

If you have applied oil on your scalp then you can apply this hair pack on top of it. Part your hair in two and comb it well. Now apply this hair pack all over your head and make a bun. Then keep it for as long as you need, from 20 minutes to an hour. Then wash your head well. So do this hair pack twice a week and you will get good results and your scalp and hair will be safe.

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