How to Get Korean Glass Skin Naturally with Rice at Home

Hello guys, what are we going to look at today? Is how to get Korean glass skin naturally with rice at home. In this post we will clearly see how you can get a glass skin in Korean style using this rice. This rice has many benefits for the skin which is why it gives you a clear Korean glass skin.

Rice to get Korean glass skin:-

This rice is rich in antioxidants. It not only keeps your skin safe but also clears dark spots on your face and keeps your face glass skin like Koreans. It is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Using rice will improve your skin texture. It also helps in whitening your skin. Even if you have sun tan, it will remove them and keep your skin glowing and smooth.

It evens out your skin and prevents fine lines, wrinkles on your face. Protects your skin from premature aging. This rice will help you a lot if your skin parts are dark and not even and you can get an even skin tone by applying it to your skin. You can use this rice to give your skin the Korean glass skin look you want. You can use this rice to make a variety of base products at home that can help your skin.

This rice contains a variety of rich nutrients like carbohydrates, manganese, selenium, magnesium, and fiber. All these will give your body a lot of energy and keep you energetic. Carbohydrates are a good friend of your body and keep your body full of energy. In many countries this rice is used for daily food. It provides strength to the human body.

This rice will not increase your weight or decrease your weight. You can use this rice for both weight loss and weight increase when you use it in a healthy diet. This rice contains a lot of proteins. Using this rice we can take rice water from it and use it on your hair. This rice water will keep you glowing and smooth. It also removes dirt from your scalp and keeps dandruff problems away.

It also helps in the growth of your hair. Thus this rice plays a great role in everything like your hair, skin, body. Now let’s see in this post how we can identify a Korean glass skin using this rice with some of home remedies.

Rice face mask to get Korean glass skin:-

Necessary ingredients to get Korean glass skin:-

  1. Rice
  2. Raw milk
  3. Rose water
  4. Honey

How to make:-

Take as much rice as you need. Wash them well with water and then put them in a bowl and pour a cup of water. Then put it in the stove and boil it till the rice is completely cooked. Then turn off your stove and let it cool down a bit. Grind the rice that you have cooked well in the mixer. Then transfer the batter to a bowl. While grinding, grind it well to a paste consistency.

Because when you apply this face pack on your face, it does not drain. Then add a tablespoon of raw milk and rose water to this rice paste. Then add a tablespoon of honey to it. Now mix it all until it blends well. Now this face pack is ready.

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How to apply:-

Before applying this face pack on your face, wash your face thoroughly with your regular face wash. Then apply the face pack that you have made on your face and spread it all over your face including your neck. Keep this on your face for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you can wash it. If you do this continuously for a week, you will see a Korean glass skin on your face and your face will be clear. After than apply your favorite serum or moisturizer to your face.

Rice face serum to get Korean glass skin:-

Necessary ingredients to get Korean glass skin:-

  1. Rice
  2. Glycerin
  3. Aloe Vera Gel
  4. Vitamin E Capsule
  5. Almond oil

How to make:-

To prepare this serum you take two table spoons of rice. When you prepare the serum, don’t overdo it. Because we’re not going to add any preservatives anyway so you won’t be able to keep it for long so we can prepare it and use it when needed. So only two table spoon of rice is enough. Then grind this rice well twice. Then pour water only till the rice is submerged.

Soak this rice for at least 2 hours or you can soak it overnight. After soaking the rice well, take only the water from the rice. Now take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel in a separate bowl. Add half a tablespoon of glycerin and almond oil to it. Maybe you can skip almond oil and glycerin if your skin doesn’t agree with it. No, since you have oily skin, you can skip almond oil even if you don’t want it.

Then lastly add the oil in the one vitamin E capsule. Now mix it all well. Then add little by little the rice water we have taken to this mixture to get a serum consistency. You can stop adding this rice water to your desired consistency. Then transfer this serum in a glass container. Do not store this serum in a plastic container, use a glass container.

If you are going to use this serum at home temperature, it can be used only for three to four days. You can use it for up to 7 days if you keep it in the fridge. You can use this on your face at night and in the morning and you can wear makeup over it. This rice serum will help you to get your Korean Class skin by keeping your skin very hydrated.

Rice face cream to get Korean glass skin:-

Necessary ingredients to get Korean glass skin:-

  1. Rice
  2. Aloe Vera gel
  3. Glycerin
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Milk
  6. Vitamin E capsule

How to make:-

To prepare this rice face cream, take four tablespoons of rice in a bowl. Then wash the rice mixture well twice with water and soak it by adding water for the third time. Soak for at least two hours or overnight. Grind the soaked rice well in a mixer. Then take the grinded rice through a fine filter. If there are large rice particles in the ground rice, it will stick to your face, so filter it well and take it in powder paste form.

Boil the strained rice mixture in a pot on the stove. Then you can add boiled milk or ram milk as much as you need to the boiled rice. Mix and boil both these for maximum 2 minutes and within that you will get a paste consistency after which you can drop it. Then you can add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, half tablespoon of glycerin and coconut oil along with these.

If you don’t want coconut oil you can skip it. Finally, cut a vitamin E capsule and use only the oil in it. Mix all these well to a creamy consistency. You can store it in a glass container. Use it for a maximum of 3 to 4 days at room temperature. You can keep it in the refrigerator and use it for up to seven days. You can use this at night or during the day and you can also apply makeup over it and it sets easily.

It will not be that sticky and will be comfortable for you to use. Maybe if you don’t like to use it for a long time you can apply it like as s face mask and wash it after 20 minutes.

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You can also use rice water on your face often to achieve this Korean glass skin. Because this rice water gives your hair and skin a glassy look. Use rice often to give you this Korean glass skin type and give you a glassy look. Most of the products used by Koreans are rice-related products that give them a Korean glass skin.

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