How to Grow Hair Thicker and Faster Naturally at Home

What post are we going to post today is how to grow hair thicker and faster naturally at home. We all want our hair to be very thick and want it to grow faster when we try to grow it. That is why we search for various effective remedies. These two remedies that I have brought you today will make your hair grow thicker and faster.

Hair pack 1 to grow hair thicker and faster :-

Necessary ingredients for grow hair thicker and faster:-

  1. Fenugreek seed
  2. Curry leaves Powder
  3. Black cumin seed
  4. Rice

How to make this grow hair thicker and faster:-

Fenugreek seed, black cumin seed and Rice, take two table spoons of these three in equal quantity. Put these three in a vessel and pour required amount of water. Then boil these three well and put them in the stove. Boil for five minutes or until the water reduces by one-third. By boiling in this way the nutrients of black cumin seed and fenugreek seed and rice will mix well in the water.

Along with the dark color in black cumin, its nutrients are also present in the water, so the water appears slightly dark in color. Nutrients in fenugreek also leach into water and the smoothness of fenugreek is good in water. If you know about rice water well, you can use rice water for your scalp regularly. Boiling all these, filter it and take it. We are going to take only that water after this filtering.

After filtering grind the extract if you want to use it. After grinding put a cloth and filter. When strained like this you will get a pack with a smooth paste consistency. Then filter and mix the paste and water well. Finally, the most important ingredient to add to this is curry leaves powder. You can buy this curry powder from any natural and good brand from online.

Or you can pick the curry leaves yourself and dry them in the shade and grind them well in powder form. In this way you take curry leaves powder and mix it in the required amount in the mixture we have taken. Mixing by hand is a bit difficult so put it in a mixer jar and grind it once to make a fine paste. Now this hair growth hair pack is ready to apply. It will help you grow your hair faster and thicker.

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How to apply:-

As always, apply your favorite oil an hour or a day before you apply it to your scalp. Before applying, part the hair on both sides and comb well. Apply this hair growth hair park from the roots of the head to the ends of the hair. Then put a round bun and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. The curry leaves we have added to this will give your hair the protein it needs and help your hair grow thicker and faster.

Fenugreek seed and black cumin all give you a bouncy look and give smoothness. After 20 minutes you can wash your head with shampoo. In this way you can do it at least three to four times in a month and the time to do it is simple.

Hair pack 2 to grow hair thicker and faster :-

Necessary ingredients for grow hair thicker and faster:-

  1. Amla
  2. Soaked green gram lentil
  3. Fenugreek seed
  4. Curry leaves

How to make:-

Take two or three table spoons of green gram and wash it in water and then keep it soaked. You may want to use sprouted green gram crops, but you can use this one, which is still high in protein. Then put this in a mixer jar. Then add a handful of curry leaves to it. Take one or two amla and cut off the pulp and remove the nut inside. Then add soaked fenugreek seed to all these.

If possible soak the fenugreek seed overnight on the first day or soak well for one to two to three hours. Then grind all these well. Then grind it and transfer them in a bowl and you are ready to use it. You can apply it on your head without draining it. Maybe you can use it unfiltered and the extract in it will stay on your head and give you some hardship when you wash.

So you can filter it through any cloth and you will get a smooth paste. Now when you apply it on your head it is easy to apply and easy to wash off.

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How to apply:-

Divide the head into two sides and part it well. Apply coconut oil or your regular oil on the scalp before applying this hair growth hair pack. Then you can apply it from the scalp to the ends of the head. Then leave it for half an hour to an hour and you can wash it with shampoo. This gives your hair its strength from the roots. It also repairs split ends and gives you.

This will also prevent the split ends from getting occur. This will keep your hair looking much nicer and healthier. The benefits of amla that we are availing in this is great for all of us. Take this amla not only as an outtake but also as an daily intake. Thus, wherever you get it, you will get a lot of benefits for the body and it will also take care of the hair very well.

This amla contains various nutrients which are very beneficial for our body. The green gram seed we have added removes the dirt from the head and keeps the scalp. This green crop that you can sprout and eat daily is also beneficial for hair growth and faster thickness.


It is not enough if we use these hair packs to make our hair grow faster and thicker. You should give your head a good massage often. Comp your hair well daily in the morning and evening. This will improve the blood flow to your scalp which will stimulate your hair growth.

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