How to Make Herbal Soap without Chemicals at Home

Hello Flowers Today we are going to discuss how to make home made herbal soap without any harsh chemicals. By making these herbal soaps at home, we are free from any harsh chemical day-to-day. These homemade herbal soaps that we prepare at home without the use of harsh chemicals keep our skin glowing and healthy.

Lemon herbal soap without chemicals:-

We can use these home made herbal soaps at home from children to adults. With this, children will grow healthy with healthy skin from childhood without too many harmful chemicals. Now let’s see how to make herbal soaps at home without harmful chemicals.

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Necessary ingredients for herbal soap without chemicals:-

  1. Lemon
  2. Vegetable glycerin oil
  3. Glycerin soap base

How to make herbal soap without chemicals:-

First of all, wash the lemon well. Then take only the peel of the lemon. Then take the lemon peel in a clean mixing jar.  Add three tablespoons of vegetable Glycerin oil with this. Like this, add three table spoons of clean water that we have boiled and kept cool. Then grind these three.

When you grind it, it is not necessary to grind it completely finely, it is enough to grind it half finely and get its juice and its aroma. Then put this ground mixture on a white cotton cloth and squeeze it well to extract the juice. Then to prepare this soap you take glycerine soap base. You can get this glycerin soap base from chemical shops or online shopping.

We need to use double boiling method to melt this glycerine soap base. First take a vessel of water and keep it on the stove. Once the water boils well, keep it on low flame. Then you put the soap basin we have in the boiling water and stir it slowly. While stirring you must stir slowly because we have to make sure that it doesn’t bubble.

In this way the soap base is very narrow and then take it out and keep it outside and remove some of the soap bubbles to get rid of it. In this way the soap base is melted and then take it out and keep it outside and remove some of the soap bubbles to get rid of it. Then mix the lemon juice we have with four table spoons of of that melted soap base and mix well.

Then pour mixed soap like into a soap mold or into a paper cup. Before you pour the soap into the soap mold or paper cups, grease it well with ghee or butter and you will get a nice separation once it dries. If you are drying it outside, leave it for a whole day. Otherwise four to five hours is enough if you keep it in the freezer in the fridge.

Beetroot Herbal Soap without Chemicals:-

Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Beetroot
  2. Glycerin soap base
  3. Aloe vera
  4. vitamin E oil

How to make:-

To make this beetroot soap, take a beetroot and peel it and cut it. Then take natural aloe vera with this and remove the upper skin. After removing the outer skin, take only the pulp inside. Mix both of these well now in a mixer jar and grind it. No need to add water if you want you can add one table spoon each.

Then strain it and take only the juice. Add an essential oil in a vitamin E capsule to this juice. Then melt any glycerine soap base using the double boiling method. Once the soap base has melted well, add the beetroot juice we have taken and stir well.

After adding this beetroot juice to the soap base, turn off the stove. After mixing well, pour oil into a soap mold or paper cup and let it cool. Then after a day after drying well you can start using this soap.

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Papaya soap:-

Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Papaya
  2. Glycerin soap base
  3. vitamin E oil
  4. Any essential oil you like

How to make:-

Take a ripe papaya fruit. Then cut the papaya you need and put it in a mixer jar and grind it. Grind it well into a fine paste. Then cut the glycerine soap base into small pieces and take it into a bowl. Melt this soap base using the double boiling method. After the soap base melts well, turn off the stove.

Then mix the papaya paste that we grind into this melted soap base. Add four vitamin E capsules of oil along with it. You can add any essential oil you like. Then mix all these well. Then pour this mixture into the soap mold. You can cool it down by keeping it at low room temperature or in the freezer.

Neem soap:-

Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Neem leaves
  2. vitamin E oil or coconut oil or olive oil
  3. Glycerin soap base

How to make:-

To make this neem soap, take the amount of neem you need. Then add this neem in a mixing jar. After that grind the neem leaves to a finely. Then mix 1/2 tablespoons of vitamin E oil or coconut oil or olive oil with the ground neem leaves.

If you want you can add natural aloe vera extract to it. Mix all these well. Then melt your glycerin soap base using the double boiling method. Then add the neem mixture with the soap base that we have melted. After mixing all these well, pour it into the soap mold and keep it cool.

Once this soap cools down well it becomes ready to use. We all know that neem leaves have high antibacterial properties. This neem leaf is a great remedy for various skin problems on our skin. So this soap that we make with such neem will give you a good skin solution.

Whatever type of soap you’re making you can add an essential oil to your fragrance if needed. You can also add aloe vera extract to make soap. This way you can make any type of soap in your favorite flavor at home and use it healthily.

All these will not give you any side effects at all. All these are naturally made with the materials available in our home. It is also very easy to prepare.

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