Best Beetroot Bathing Powder for Skin Whitening

Hi guys what are we going to check today we always check every post how is the face shining and pimple free and white. We always focus only on face, so our body are not focused. Our body may have small acne, hands and feet may be a different color because of suntan. So let’s see how we can take care of our face along body with how we can clear and whiten those pimples. What we are going to look at today is Full Body Whitening Bathing Powder which you can use for both face and body.

Necessary ingredients for make bathing powder:-

  1. Beetroot
  2. Rice flour

How to make:-

To prepare this bathing powder, you need to take a one big size of beetroot you can store it for a month and use it. So take the beetroot and peel off the skin and then cut it into small pieces. Then put it in a mixer jar and grind it. While grinding use small quantity of water and don’t grind with too much water. After you grind il, take it and put a filter and separate the juice.

You don’t need to throw away the remaining beetroot pulp after filtered, you can use it as a scrubber. You can add beetroot pulp with a sugar and scrub it on your face and body. Then pour the beetroot juice you have in a pan and put it on the stove on low flame. As you boil it this way, even the excess water evaporates during grinding you added, leaving you with a beetroot juice.

When the beetroot juice boils half, keep it aside. Then let it cool well and wait until it cools down. Once the beetroot juice is cooled down, add rice flour as per the amount of the juice. Thus when you mix these two it should neither be a paste consistency nor too watery. It is thoroughly thickened to a consistency. To that extent you add a little more rice flour and take it to a thick consistency that you can hold a ball in your hand.

Then keep it in a large plate or in any container that is convenient for you and keep it in the sun. Dry it well and it should come to a dry flour then take it. Then put it again in a dry mixing jar and grind it well to a fine powder consistency. Thus, when you grind the beetroot mix well with the rice flour, its color will turn into a pink color. Now store this beetroot powder in a clean dry jar. Now let’s see how it can be used separately on the face and body.

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Bathing powder for body:-

Now let’s see how it can be used for the body.

Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Beetroot bathing powder – 2tbsp
  2. Palm Candy | Palm Sugar | sugar candy ( Panam Kalkandam) – 1tbsp
  3. Kasturi turmeric or musk turmeric

Take Two tablespoon of the beetroot bathing powder we have made and put it in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of palm candy (also called as sugar candy or palm sugar) to it. You will get this plam sugar in lump form, maybe in powder form, if it is not a problem, then buy the palm sugar which is available in lump form and grind it and take that powder. This is what you should add in Kasturi Manjal, don’t do it too much, just a pinch is enough.

If you take two spoonful’s of beetroot power that we have grinded for the body to then one tablespoonful of that palm sugar should be taken one pinch of wild turmeric this is the correct quantity. If you increase the amount of beetroot powder as taken now, increase the amount of the other two ingredients accordingly as per your requirement. Now add some water to this mixture and mix well. Now we have ready to use it for your body.

How to apply:-

After shower you can rub it on your body, scrub it and take a bath or keep it as a pack and wash it. Turmeric helps to remove hair from our body. It removes sun tan from our body and dark spots from private parts. You can use it all over the body but not on the face, we can use it in a different way. Why should we not apply it on face then we have added palm sugar in it we can use palm sugar on face but our face is very sensitive and soft skin.

When we use it on our face you have to rub it very generally but the skin on our body is not like that it is a very thick skin there are dead cells, suntan and we have to use this powder to remove it and it will remove it so effectively.

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Bathing powder for face:-

Let’s see how you can use this beetroot powder  for face that you have ground.

Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Beetroot bathing powder – 2 tbsp
  2. Aloe vera gel – 1 tbsp
  3. Milk

For yourself you take a tablespoon of that beetroot powder and add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel maybe if you get aloe vera gel naturally plant in you can use that gel too. Add a small amount of milk to it, do not make it into a very liquid form, make it into a thick paste. Now this face paste is ready and you can use it on your face. You can see three types of benefit Milk works as a good cleanser Aloe Vera gel acts as moisturizer Beetroot powder that we have made works as a good scrubber.

How to apply:-

Massage it gently on your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Before using this powder, you should clean your whole body thoroughly and apply it on a clean face and body. You can store and use this beetroot bathing powder for at least six months as it does not spoil. We can also keep it at room temperature. So keep it airtight in a glass jar or plastic jar with this one product you can keep your face clean, remove suntan, make bright and white.

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