Best Face Pack for Spotless Glowing White Skin

Hi guys today we are going to discuss how to solve the problems of our skin with just one face pack get lowing skin. To cure the problem on our face every day, we watch various posts and video to know which face pack is the best and give spotless glowing skin. We can’t use all the face pack we see like that even if we want to use them all at some point we get bored of them daily we can’t do it. So you would think that all the problems in your face should be solved with just a few face packs that we use at home and it should be easy for you to get spotless glowing skin.

Today I come to you with such an effective and super face pack remedy which will give you the best results spotless glowing white skin and you will know for yourself if you use it for a week.

Preparation for face pack:-

This face pack that I am going to review today is a super effective face pack that will fix your face like pimples, acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots and give spotless skin. Apart from that it helps a lot in keeping your face brighter and white. Also, this remedy is very helpful for those who want spotless glowing white skin, suntan removal as well as acne, dark spots, acne scars.

How to make such a face pack, how to use it and how long you have kept it can be seen clearly in this post. You should definitely take everything that we say in this face pack and don’t skip any material as it is not there or don’t have like that.

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Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Panneer rose petals (indian rose)
  2. Sprouted fenugreek
  3. Sprouted green gram
  4. Potato
  5. Multani metti powder
  6. Mint leaves

How to make this spotless glowing white skin face pack:-

The first thing you are going to take for this is a Panneer Rose with four or five hole flower. Take these four or five paneer rose and separate the petals and put them in a mixing jar. The next item we are going to add in this face pack is Sprouted Fenugreek. If you ask only sprouted fenugreek to add on this face pack then you must use only sprouted fenugreek because you will get more nutrients in it than normal fenugreek which will work twice as much for you.

How to make this sprouted fenugreek is that you take required amount of fenugreek and soak it in water. After the fenugreek is soaked well, filter the water in it cleanly and put the fenugreek in a clean cloth and tie it around. Tie it like that and leave it overnight and it will be a sprouted fenugreek when you pick it up the next morning. This fenugreek removes all the dark spots on our face cleanly and gives you a clear face.


What I am going to add to this is potato. Take a potato, remove the skin from it and cut it and add it in a mixer jar. Next add multani metti powder with this as you all know that this powder make our skin is instantly brightened. Then add the sprouted green gram with it. Just like you soaked fenugreek and tied it in a kilo, do the same with the green gram. This sprouted green gram plays an important role in whitening your face.

Then add as much mint leaves as needed. This mint not only removes dirt from your face but also clears up pimples quickly. Grind all these well with required amount of water to a paste consistency. Do not add too much water, add medium to make a face pack consistency. Then transfer it in a bowl. Do not worry if the quantity of this face pack you have prepared is too much, you can store it and use it for up to 7 days.

How to store:

You don’t put it in a hair tight container or something like that. Just put the remaining face pack in the ice cube tray and turn it into an ice cube. Turn it into an ice cube You can keep it for up to seven days and when you need it. You can take the ice cube and rub it lightly and apply it on your face. If you don’t have a refrigerator, you can’t store it, so you have to make new ones from time to time.

Thus prepare this face pack correctly with all the ingredients we have mentioned, now this face pack has been prepared, let’s see how to apply.

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How to apply this spotless glowing white skin face pack:-

Take your required amount of face pack and apply it on your face up to your neck with your hands or a brush. Cleanse your face well before applying this face pack. You can use this twice a day. Maybe if you are making and using this face pack instantly. Then you can add another ingredient like orange juice or cucumber juice. Which will give you more benefits. You can also add curd to it some people will ask you to add rose water?. It is not necessary we have already added paneer rose to it so it is not necessary.

It compresses pimples well because we have added mint leaves to it. A face pack with all kinds of nutrients will be very effective for you.


If this face pack is still effective for you then follow the method that I am going to tell you now and apply this face pack on your face and it will still give you a good result. Then before you apply this face pack to your face do a good steaming and apply.

Dip a clean towel in hot water and stick it on your face. And the pores on your face will open up. After that you should not leave this open pore on your face. After washing the face pack, you must close the opened pores. For that take an ice cube and massage it on your face or give it a small massage. This multani metti will remove dark circles around your nose, nose, under the eyes, etc.

Then keep it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and let it dry well. After it dries, wash your face. When it dries well, it will close the open pores of your face. Try using the face pack continuously for just seven days and you will feel the changes in your face. The face pack is suitable for all skin types Oily skin Normal skin Combination skin Dry skin You can use it for all skin types.

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