How to Get Clear Pimple Free White Skin at Home

Hello friends welcome to my website. What section are we going to see today clear pimple free white skin. All in one solution, pimples, acne, pigmentation, black spots, suntan, black dots, how to clear it all with a simple remedy. That’s the same time, let’s see how this face pack gives clear pimple free skin whitening. This home remedy is simple but the ingredients we have at home, how can we make our face crystal clear pimple free, we can see such a passage in this post today.

Preparation for this home remedy:-

The ingredients that I take for this clear pimple free face pack should be very simple and everyone can have it at home and it should be a remedy that can clear pimple the problems that you have in my face. If you want to know about such pimple free face pack then check this full post. And let’s see how people of all skin types can use this face pack and keep your face safe.

This face pack can be used by people above 16 years of age and there is no restriction that both male and female can use this face pack. Now how to make face pack? See below what materials are required for this.

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Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Cumin seed
  2. Multani metti powder
  3. Curd (you can take according to your skin type like milk, rose water, lemon juice, tomato juice, normal water)

How to make:-

To make this face pack, the first thing to take is cumin. The face pack we make with this cumin is very different and very effective, which mainly solves various problems on the face like dark circles, pimples, acne, black sports etc. It is a very effective remedy for many such problems. Now take a quantity of cumin seeds and put them in a pan on low flame.

When this cumin reaches a boiling point, fry it well until it starts to pop on its own and take it out. Do not burn this cumin in vain, it starts to explode in a stage when it turns light brown color and you should take it out. Then after roasting it you grind it and put it in a mixer jar or ural and grind it like a fine powder. I have fried it well so you can easily make it into a powder.

Then transfer it in a bowl which you can store and use for your cooking as well. You may ask that can I buy this cumin powder in packets from stores and use it, it should not be done at all, you should make your own preparation at home and use it only then there will be no other ingredients in it, only cumin.

You can grind this cumin and keep it in a store so it won’t spoil and you can use it for your face when you need it and also for your cooking. Take one and a half or two tablespoons of all the cumin powder you have and here we are going to add an important ingredient. That important ingredient is a multani metti powder.

If you asked what is this multani metti powder it is an earthy type of product that can add a lot of beauty to the face and control the oil secretion of your face and keep your face bright. So take the same quantity of cumin powder as you take multani metti powder both should be equal. This multani metti is available in all online stores. Now we can add curd to bring both to face pack consistency.

Some of you may ask I don’t like yogurt. So can I mix it with water or milk or rose water or something?. Feel free to add anything you like, if not rose water, if not curd, if not milk or plain water. For this face pack be it cumin or multani metti powder which you have taken to make a paste consistency with rose water or just water or curd you have to mix it all well. Then you have to soak it well. Its effect will give you more good results on your face.

Mix it well and let these three soak well for one to two to three minutes. We have seen how to make this face pack in detail in this post, next we will see how we can apply this in face.

How to apply and get clear pimple free skin:-

Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying this face pack. Now put that face pack on a face and apply it well all over your face up to the neck. This face pack is a good remedy to keep your face clean. Many of you don’t have time to create different face packs and you can’t do so much work. So if you want a simple face pack to be the solution to all your problems. Keep this face pack handy and use it whenever you need it.

Prepare like this and take only the ingredients for mixing. For mixing, you can take tomato juice, lemon juice, you can take whatever product suits your face. Best result If you add curd you will get good result. It is the best remedy for all of these, especially if you have dark circles around the mouth and dark circles under the eyes.

Keep this on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off you don’t have more than that. Follow this regularly it will give you the best result an instant brightness. When you use it continuously it will get rid of pimple, dark spot, marks and give you a clear and white face. This face pack is suitable for all skin types. So if you make a required amount at home then everyone in the family can use this same face pack. Which is very effective one.

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Cumin seed- Clear pimple free skin:-

Any skin problem can be cured with this cumin seed such as skin irritation, skin rashes, skin eruptions etc. This cumin improves skin elasticity and fights skin wrinkles and aging appearance. Cumin contains high amounts of potassium, selenium, copper, calcium and manganese. It rejuvenates the skin The topical application of this cumin makes your skin glow.

If you mix cumin powder with water and drink it daily, it helps prevent aging of your skin. These blisters are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. Cuminaldehyde, thymol and phosphorus present in cumin are detoxified when cumin is used for this. Thus the benefits of this cumin can go on and on..

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