Best Homemade Skin Whitening Soap

Hi guys, Today we are going to do is how we do full body lightening with homemade skin whitening soap. We are not going to use a face pack or a scrubber for that, we are going to prepare with a homemade skin whitening soap. What we are going to do with this homemade skin whitening soap is very easy and there is no big process involved. We can prepare it naturally at home and this homemade skin whitening soap will give you many benefits and it will lighten your face and give you whiten body. Let’s see in this post how we can make this homemade skin whitening soap without wasting time.

Preparation of skin whitening soap:-

Now any soap we make can be made with the ingredients we have at home. If you’re on summer leave, you might as well use that time for your skin little. Whenever you make and use this soap and go to school or college, you will turn into a radiant glow and an inch of color, a tone will increase. Because this soap will give you such great results. Many people think that we cannot increase our skin tone.

But that’s not true, you can’t change your skin tone from black to white. But depending on your skin tone, you can increase it with two to three shades. So we are going to show you how to increase the skin tone, how to make a natural soap at home and how to use it. This soap is a show that can give you results very quickly. You can also know that we can prepare Soap at home which can give such quick results.

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Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Urad dal
  2. Goat milk soap base
  3. Rice flour
  4. carrot juice
  5. Vitamin E Capsule
  6. Any essential oil According to your favorite or skin type

How to make homemade skin whitening soap?

The first thing we take to make this soap is urad dal. Take four spoons of urad dal and wash it well and then soak it to make a good pulp. Let it soak well for two hours only then it will be soft and smooth when grinding.

 After soaking for two hours, strain the water and take only urad dal. urad dal should be thoroughly drained as there should be no water in it, so leave it in the strainer for a minute or two. Then you will feel that the urad dal is moist. Spread the urad dal we have filtered on a white cloth to remove the moisture and leave it in the air for 20 minutes, it will dry well.

You don’t need to dry it in sunlight, if you put it under a fan it will dry well in about 20 minutes without moist. Now you take a mixer jar without moisture and take the dried urad dal in it. Then grind it we’ll without adding water. Do not add water. If you soak and grind this urad dal instead of adding it as a powder, you will get the soap’s life for a long time. If you feel this urad dal as it is too tight while grinding without water, you can add a tablespoon coconut oil to it and the grind it.

So transfer it to a bowl, if you take it while transferring it will have a thick consistency. Thus if you grind it to a thicker consistency the life time of the soap will be longer. Now the next thing we are going to take to make this soap is pure goat milk soap base. This pure goat milk soap base is available online for you and you can buy it wherever pure goat milk soap base is available online. Take the required amount of that coat of milk soap base and cut it into small pieces and then it will be easy for you to melt.

If you don’t want to make this skin whitening soap with goat milk base you can also use glycerin soap base but the goat milk will give you a quick result. That’s why we take this goat milk soap base. If you are not able to order glycerin soap base, you can buy pears soap available in the shops, cut it up and use it as it has more glycerin content. Next we have to take carrot extract to add to this soap. To take this carrot extract, you need to clean a whole carrot well and grind it  without water and squeeze the juice.

Add a vitamin E capsule oil to the juice you get. Take one vitamin E capsule and put hole in that capsule. Then take out the oil and put it in that carrot juice. Mix both well and get a jelly form. We have to use double boiling method to melt this goat milk soap base. Then in a bowl you have to take this soap base and place this bowl of soap base on top of the boiling water. This soap will start to melt a little bit. After this soap is well melted you don’t take it out of that boiling water and it will become lumpy for us to add other ingredients so you keep that vessel in that heated water.

You keep the stove on low flame. Then add required amount of rice flour to this melt soap base. We can grind and use this rice flour at home. Then add the carrot extract that you have in it. Take the urad dal that we have ground, you can take a little more, you can add one or two or two and a half table spoons as per two soaps. Add all these and stir until it becomes a thick paste. Then add two to three drops of any essential oil of your choice.

Then mix it well and pour it in soap shape tray and keep it room temperature to dry. Maybe if you don’t have soap tray you can feed it in a paper cup and try it dry. You don’t need to leave it in the fridge, just keep it at normal room temperature and it will freeze and turn into a soap. This soap you have prepared will definitely last as long as you use normal soap.

How to use:-

You can use this soap daily just like you would use normal soap.

When you use this soap no foam comes out. Instead it is on a white and you put it on your face and massage it well. You must use this all over your body and you will see a good result. For people with a medium fair you can see the result immediately after you put it. For people who are very dark you will start seeing a result after a week.

Urad dal:-

This urad dal will control the excess melanin content in your skin. Thus, when the melanin concentration decreases from the skin, your skin color increases. Also, this urad dal increases the sebum production in our skin. So your skin will be very super textured smooth and shiny. It clears up all the pigmentation and tan on your face which is very helpful for face problems.

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