Best Hair Pack and Oil for Hair Fall

Hi guys, Today we are going to discuss a problem that many of us face all the time and that is hair fall and see how to reduce with hair pack and oil. I have come here with a best solution for this hair fall problem with hair pack and oil. We have normal hair fall and we can have a maximum of 50 hair fall per day. It is natural. But on top of that, if we lose a lot of hair, then we call it hair fall. Now I have brought here the solution for that, let’s see how to do this hair pack and oil.

How to make hair pack:-

What if our hair was growing on one side but the other side was falling out? So it is our duty to provide extra care for that. People who know that their hair is falling out a lot, they will see the hair coming out with their hands when they put their hands on their heads. No matter how many times we comb our hair in a day, the same amount will always fall out.

Even for those who have this much hair fall, this Hair pack is very very help full. Those who have too much hair ball should use this hair before the week and get benefit.

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Necessary Ingredients:-

  1. Fenugreek seed – 2 tbsp
  2. Hibiscus leaf
  3. Hibiscus flower
  4. Egg white – 1

We take a couple of table spoons of fenugreek seed and pour required amount of water on the previous night and soak it well for overnight. There is no need to take out the water used for soaking our fenugreek, we can use the hair pack from that water. We need that water very much. Now take the soaked fenugreek and put it in the mixer jar. We can also add curry leaves to this fenugreek seed.

Add hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flowers and grind it well. Even if we grind fenugreek well, the skin part in it does not come out completely and remains stuck. So it should not stick to our head that’s why we have hibiscus leaf and flower together. The smoothness in it comes and when we wash it quickly, it becomes slippery, so it doesn’t stick to your head that much.

We can store this half pack in the fridge for up to a week and use it. Apart from this, as much as you need this hair pack on your head, transfer it in a bowl and take it. The last important ingredient we are going to add to this hair pack is the egg white.  Eggs are made up of protein, this egg contains a lot of protein needed by the body and is also full of nutrients needed by our hair.

Deficiency of protein can reduce hair growth and hair density. Now mix all these well. Now we have this hair fall stop hair pack ready and then let’s see how to apply it. So taking them internally and externally is also very beneficial for your hair.

How to apply:-

As always, before applying this pack on your head, comb your hair well. After that, take the required amount in your hand and apply evenly on the roots of your hair. After that, apply well from the scalp to the ends. Just apply this and you don’t need to use shampoo to wash, just wash normally. Apply this hair pack on your head and after applying it, keep it in a bun.

This hair bag contains fenugreek so it doesn’t flow from your head to your face or top. Then after 20 to 30 minutes this can be washed off. Use this hair park continuously three days a week. Then once you have feelings like hair fall controlled you can start using it once a week. This hair pack will protect your hair from excessive shedding and control your hair fall.

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Onion Hair Oil:-

In this hair oil section we are going to look at onion hair oil which is a super fast home made hair oil. Let’s see how many benefits onion hair oil has and how we can make and use it at home. As far as onion hair oil is concerned, the method of preparation and application should be correct. If so you will have good hair growth and hair fall control.

For those who don’t want to buy this hair oil in the market and use it, there are those who think that it should be chemical free. I only use homemade hair oil at home, so it should be like made at home. You can use this hair oil at home. You can also prepare the required amount yourself. So this preparation does not contain any chemical colors and preservatives and is natural

Suddenly you have a lot of lot of hair fall in that case you can use this hair oil as a specially and it will give you good results.

Preparation of onion hair oil:-

  1. Coconut oil – 200 ml
  2. Castor oil – 50 ml
  3. Onion

In this you can take any onion you want, big onion or small onion both will give you good benefits. Now remove the outer skin of the onion and grate it. Don’t grind it, just grate it because if you grind it, it will be hard to use the filter and it will stick to the head. Now take the grated onion in a pan and add 200 ml coconut oil to it. 200 ml of coconut oil One big onion is enough If you are taking small onions then take seven to eight small onions.

The next ingredient we are going to add is castor oil. It is enough for 50ml. What we also use this castor oil for is to control the high potency of onion. Anion contains a lot of nutrients that may not be acceptable to some people, so we use this castor oil to reduce the reduce the intensity. Now after mixing all the three well, turn on the stove and boil it on low flame. You stand next to it and stir it well and it will foam up nicely.

Keep stirring like this and after some time it will change color little by little and it will come in brown color. If it exceeds that, it will burn, so take it at this time and filter it, its color will be light pink. The one in light pink color is the correct time and you drop it at that time. You can use this twice or once a week or if you are a regular scalp oiler you can leave it on.

Never use the same hair pack and hair oil for a long time. Because it may cause some side effects, so you should use a different type of hair oil and hair pack.

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