Best Hair Pack for Hair Thickness and Growth

Hi guys, Let’s see our very useful section today, how to make our hair thickness and growth more dense. We all have a desire to have long, thick hair. Many of us have long hair but no density, thickness and growth. I am here with an post today about how to increases hair thickness and growth. This hair pack that we are going to see here today is very very good for someone who wants to increases the density of hair thickness the hair on our head. In that case, you can try this hair thickness and growth hair pack and you will get a good result if you use it regularly.

How to make this hair thickness and growth hair pack:-

Some of us think that no matter what we do, hair will not grow, even those who think that this is all, try this pack and you will see a visible result in one month. If you started using this hair pack one or another two months you will see a lot of baby hair sprouting on your head. It also prevents hair fall.

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Necessary ingredients for hair thickness and growth hair pack:-

  1. Urad dal
  2. Fenugreek seed
  3. Black cumin
  4. porridge water
  5. Hibiscus leaves
  6. Curry leaves
  7. Alkanet root (ratan jot root)

Take two table spoons of urad dal in a bowl. This urad dal contains a lot of protein and that’s why we have included it in this hair pack. The next ingredient we are going to add is fenugreek seed. Add two table spoon like urad dal. Fenugreek is so rich in nutrients that is why this Fenugreek is taken. The next important ingredient we are going to add is black cumin. Take one and a half tablespoon of this and add it.

Then pour the porridge water to soak these three. These three ingredients mixed with this porridge water should be soaked overnight.  In the morning, when you take out the mixture that you have soaked overnight, it will be very sour and it will marinate well. So if you soak it overnight then you get a nice creamy consistency when you grind it.

It can also smudge well. You get it by grinding it like a fine paste. Now add this soaked ingredient in a mixing jar along with hibiscus leaves. Then add curry leaves to it. Maybe if you don’t get these hibiscus leaves and curry leaves as a fresh, you can skip it. Everything else is very important and you should not skip anything from it. You don’t need to add water to this instead we have added porridge water and that will be enough.

Then transfer the hair pack into a bowl. The last ingredient we are going to add to this is alkanet root (Ratan jot root).  TTake some of this alkanet root in a bottle then mix coconut oil in it. It should be left overnight.

Then, when you take it in the morning, all the nutrients in the alkanet root will have gone down into the oil and the oil will have become better and red color. Then take two table spoons of this oil and mix it in the hair pack that you grind. After mixing all these well this hair pack is ready.

How to apply this hair thickness and growth hair pack:-

Before we apply this hair park on the head we should comb the head well. Then take this hair pack in your hand or a brush and divide your hair into layers and apply it to the scalp. Apply this hair pack well from top to bottom all over the hair till the tip. Before apply hair packs on your head after combing the hair well, the blood circulation in the head increases and the hair benefits you apply helps to absorb all the energy quickly.

Then keep this paste on your head for half an hour or an hour and wash your head well. You can do this twice a week. Then you can double boil the remaining alkanet root oil and apply it on your scalp once or twice a week. Both of these can be of great benefit to you.

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Alkanet Root uses for hair thickness and growth:-

This alkanet root is a natural herb. This root has been used since ancient times for hair growth. The plant has a deep red root that looks black on the outside, but has a bluish-red, whitish core on the inside. The root makes an excellent red substance. Alkanet root has also been used in food since ancient times as a coloring agent. Alkanet root is used to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. It is also a good treatment for headaches, dandruff and skin infections.

his is a product that is easily available to us at cheap prices in country drug stores or online. It is a good treatment for external skin burns, scars, swellings, cuts etc. This alkanet root is a scientific herb that grows only in the tropics. It reduces bone pain, toothache and body heat and also treats kidney stones and jaundice. Alkanet root contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It also hydrates our hair.

Urad Dal:-

This urad dal is capable of stimulating and satisfying the muscles. This urad has sweet taste and cooling properties. Many savory sweet and savory items and food items are prepared from this urad. Especially if you use unpeeled black urad dal as a hair pack once in a week, your hair will grow back thick and healthy.

No need for shampoo while using this urad pack it will give your hair smoothness naturally. If there is too much alcohol in the shampoo, it will dry out our hair, but if you use a hair pack with this urad dal, your hair will be smooth and shiny.

Black Cumin uses for hair thickness and growth:-

With this black cumin we can solve any problems in our hair. Its nutrients and minerals are the reason for its glory.  Our forefathers used to say that this black cumin has many medicinal properties and can cure any disease by using it. Black cumin contains nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3.

Black fennel is rich in essential fatty acids such as myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, nucleic acid, linoleic acid, omega 6 fatty acid, and folic acid. It is also a remedy for nasal congestion, cough, gallstones, kidney stones etc. So by using this black fennel regularly, your hair will be maintained very beautifully.

Curry leaves:-

We all know that curry leaves are an important ingredient in hair growth. This is a plant that can grow in tropical regions. It is a common ingredient in countries like India and Sri Lanka and is widely used in cooking. Take 10 to 12 leaves of this curry leaves and chew it in the morning on an empty stomach and it will give you all the necessary nutrients for your hair.

Or explore and consume it as a juice or a chutney dip. This curry leaves is rich in all the nutrients needed for hair like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, calcium. These curry leaves are native to India. It is mostly used in cooking as it is very aromatic.


For many of us, when you take a look at our hair, it looks very thin and frizzy. For those who are, this hair pack is a good solution which makes our hair look thicker and dense.

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