How to Get Silky Smooth Straight Hair at Home

..Today we are going to watch the article on how to make our hair silky smooth straight and shiny hair at home with home made remedy. Many of us go to beauty salons and get a keratin treatment to make our hair look silky smooth straight and shiny. If we go to the salon like this, our hair will be damaged and it will cost us a lot of money. So, how can we make our hair silky smooth straight and shiny by doing the keratin treatment at home without any such incident, in this post we are going to clear it today.

Hair silky smooth and straitening hair pack :-

Today we are going to see a super hair pack that can change your hair Smooth, Shiny and Silky so let’s go. If you want to go to a parlor to style your hair and make it smooth, we can do it at home too. Whenever our hair is deprived of moisture then our hair will look dry and frizzy and starts split ends then cause breakage. Also we start getting gray hairs little by little.  So to prevent such problems it is necessary to keep our hair moisturized.

So if we don’t want to have these kinds of problems, we should keep our hair as a moisturized by using these kinds of hair packs. We can’t even call this a hair pack, we can call it a smoothing cream, and that’s the kind of product we’re going to make now. Let’s see how to make this hair pack with simple ingredients at home.

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Necessary ingredients :-

  1. Coconut milk – 2 cups
  2. Corn flour – 4 tbsp
  3. Aloe vera

Coconut milk:-

Today I am going to show you that this hair pack is not only for smoothing ends, it is a natural one that can make your hair thick and long. For this, I have taken coconut milk from here. This coconut milk improves the blood flow in the scalp and it also helps in maintaining the hair on your head. It gives good nourishment to your hair.

Cut a coconut into small pieces, put it in a mixing jar, add water to it, grind it well, filter and extract only the coconut milk in it. Why we have taken this coconut milk is that it will repair all kinds of damage in your hair like breakages split ends etc.

We have seen the measurement, so we can take two cups of coconut milk and pour it into a vessel.

Corn flour:-

The next ingredient to take is corn flour. This corn flour is a common item available in all kinds of stores. This corn flour has so many nutrients and the extra starch in it makes your hair very shiny and smooth. It protects your hair well. For this hair pack you can add four table spoons of corn flour to it. Mix this corn flour well in the coconut milk you have with it without lumps.

Take these two ingredients which you have mixed and put them in the stove and keep mixing on low flame without giving up. It will thicken little by little to a creamy consistency. When he keeps it on low flame and stirs it, after about five minutes you get that creamy consistency we expect. After this you switch off the stove and leave it to cool well.

Aloe vera:-

The third ingredient we are going to add is aloe vera.

Maybe if you got aloe vera plant natural. Then take the gel and use it because it has a lot of moisturizing content. It gives good control from dandruff to split ends that we may have on our head. It protects your head well and keeps it clean and healthy. Maybe if you don’t have natural plant aloe vera. You can buy natural aloe vera herbal gel product and use it. This gel aloe vera product is not as moisturizing as the natural plant aloe vera but is still somewhat good.

Cut the side partitions in this aloe vera plant leaf and remove the upper skin and when you gently scrape it with a knife, the gel will come out. Take a whole aloe vera leaf and extract the gel from it and add as much gel as you need. The coconut mix we have already made should be cool when adding this aloe vera gel. Then keep mixing for two to three minutes to mix these three well. Now that your prepared hair smoothing hair pack is ready, let’s see how to apply it on our head.

How to apply this silky smooth straitening hair pack :-

Now you can leave oil on your head and comb it well. You can also do this hair pack without oil on your scalp and it will also look good. Look at this hair pack that you can tell when you touch it and it will flow smoothly in your hand. That’s how smooth it is. Divide your hair into small sections and apply this cream all over your hair from top to bottom.

Apply this way from top to bottom, even if there is a nots, it will come apart. This should be applied well all over the head so that it stick well to the head. You can apply it all over your head from scalp. So there will be no side effects and your hair will be healthy. After applying this hair pack, you don’t need to put your hair bun on it. Just leave it on for straight way and after 20 to 25 minutes you can wash it off.

If you leave oil on your scalp and then use a hair pack. Wash your scalp thoroughly using as much shampoo as you would normally use on a daily basis. Maybe if you have applied it to your hair without oiling your scalp and dry hair. You can use only a small amount of shampoo to wash your scalp. When you wash your head, the hair pack you are using will automatically flow down itself. That extent that it will be very smooth and your hair will be smooth.

Hair pack result:

Then you can see for yourself when the hair dries, it gives you a natural smoothness, although not as smooth as the salon that gives you silky smoothness. Use this hair pack once or twice a week as per your requirement. After using it, when you put a comb on your head and comb it, it will slide well. You don’t need to apply conditioner after watching this hair pack, so skip it.

Hope you get smooth, silky, shiny, and bouncy hair by using this homemade hair smoothing hair pack.

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