Best Homemade Natural Hair Conditioner and Serum

In today’s post we are going to talk about how to make natural hair conditioner and serum at home. We all want our hair to be soft and silky smooth, that’s mostly what we expect and that’s why we buy natural hair conditioner and serum. Many people who have this type of hair naturally. But for many of us, hair is not soft and smooth without using hair conditioner and serum. It’s just dry and frizzy. That’s why we buy and use more hair conditioner and hair serum. Let’s see today ow to make natural hair conditioner plus hair serum at home.

Preparation of hair conditioner and serum :-

No matter how much we buy and use products like conditioners and serum sold in the market, we always want to use something natural. Although there are many herbal products, few people are interested in making them at home. By making so conditioners and serums like this at home, you will get that natural glow that will keep your hair healthy and all the nutrients in it will enrich your hair.

Know why we use these Hair conditioners When we shampoo our hair well, our hair gets tangled. In this case, when we comb our head with a comb, if it gets stuck, your hair will break and fall out. It is to avoid such problems and to get rid of tangles easily that we use these conditioner serums a lot.

After washing our head naturally there is an oil secretion on our scalp which does not reach the ends of our hair. When it is like that, the tip of your hair will get frizzy and add on split ends. So, to avoid these types of problems, it is very important to use conditioner.

Necessary Ingredients :-

  1. Hibiscus flower
  2. Badam pisin (Almond Gum or almond pisin)

Today we are going to make this hair conditioner and serum with Hibiscus flower. We all know about these Hibiscus benefits. That thick liquid form in it naturally adds softness and smoothness to your hair. The ingredient we are going to take for making this homemade conditioner is hibiscus flower. It is the natural jelly of this hibiscus flower that we use to make this conditioner.

Take as much of this hibiscus flower as you can get, now I have kept up to 20 flowers for this purpose. Remove the stamens from the center of the hibiscus flower and take only the hibiscus petals. Then don’t show this flower on the tape and do not wash it like that. By pouring water in the vessel and do the wash by soaking it in it. Now put the washed flower in a vessel and pour water till the flower is immersed in it.

Then take 3 to 4 almond pisin in a separate vessel and pour one or two glasses of water over it. Let these both soak well overnight. Then the next morning when you see all the color in the hibiscus flower essence will be well absorbed in that water and the almond resin will be well soaked and raised up. Now mash the hibiscus flower soaked in the vessel with the same water with your hands.

After mixing well, all the essence of the flower will mix in the water for you. Then filter it and while doing it, mash the flower with some good material, only then all the essence in the flower will come cleanly. After making a filter you should not waste the flower, you can grind it and apply it on your head too. Now we have a liquid form red essence of hibiscus flower.

Then we can add one teaspoon each of citric bio-enzyme and rose bio-enzyme for preservatives. After adding the preservative, mix well.

Serum :-

Take half of the preservatives added hibiscus flower water for your serum. If you use it directly this hibiscus flower water without adding preservatives  it will spoil within a day.  Then take a spray bottle and put this serum in it. Whenever you feel your hair is dry, you can spray this serum from scalp to tip. Apply this serum when you go out in the sun and it will protect all the damages caused by sun light.

It will never go bad if you keep it tightly closed and it has no expiry date. Protects your hair like a protective layer on top and keeps your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Some of the products in the market contain too many chemicals, which harms our health and is not good. So we have an easy at home method which is very natural and you may not have any worries.

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Conditioner :-

For conditioner take the remaining preservatives added hibiscus flower water. Next we can use soaked almond pisin to make hair conditioner. If you filter the water in almond pisin then we will get a good consistency, if you want good thick form, filter it well or put it in a cloth and squeeze it out. If you use this almond pisin unfiltered the conditioner will be too watery that’s why I ask you to filter it.

Now we can put the filtered almond pisin in a mixing jar and grind it well. We have to add this almond pisin to the hibiscus flower water we keep. Preservatives have already been added to make hibiscus flower serum in this, so you don’t need to add it again. This almond pisin paste does not mix well as this hibiscus flower water is thick and jelly. So mix well until both dissolve and mix well. After mixing like this you will get a liquid in a conditioner form.

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How to apply natural hair conditioner and serum :-

Now apply oil on your head and take a good bath. Then take the required amount of this hibiscus flower conditioner that we have prepared in a bowl. Then apply it on your head from top to bottom. Leave it for a minute or two and then you can wash it off. For regular use, pour the conditioner in a small bottle and cover well with an inner cap.

Only if the air gets in, it is likely to come and spoil, because in those places where have a lot of air, it can become like a black layer. Any time we make bio enzyme products, we should not fill the bottle full, sometimes it will come out and bubbling. For the first two days gas may form in this conditioner that you have prepared so you can take it and release the gas and keep it covered.

You can start using it after two to three days of preparation. Everyone should make this at home and try it as it has a cooling effect on your scalp and keeps your hair soft silky and healthy.

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