Best Natural Hair Dye for White Hair at Home

What we are going to read today is about natural hair dye for white hair at home. As much as we try to turn our white hair black we use many different chemical dyes than natural hair dye. Our hair is also affected by using more chemical dyes. Many of us are looking for natural ways for this and this post is for them today. In this post, you can see how to make hair dye for white hair naturally at home.

Preparation for natural hair dye for white hair:-

Nowadays, children start getting gray hair from childhood. For some people it is a matter of genetics, for some it comes due to pollution, stress and things like that, it can also be caused by using products that have too many chemicals. After this gray hair starts coming, it increases little by little and only then we think if we should use a dye.

From that time we will buy more hair dye and start using them, whatever ads we see or whatever you think is better. Due to our long time use of this type of chemical hair dye, we may get many side effects. Some allergies can also come like that. There may be some hair problems. If we have these problems, we should prepare and use natural hair dye at home to protect our hair.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will know how to prepare it at home in a natural way. It is very natural and healthy. Now I will tell you in the middle what materials we need for this hair dye, how much to take and a small hair stipes.

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Necessary Ingredients:-

  1. Amla powder
  2. Henna powder
  3. Inknut powder
  4. Indigo powder

How to make:-

We have to take iron pan to do this natural hair tie and it will be good. Add three table spoons of amla powder to that container. Do not put any oil or water in this iron pan just take the pan and add only three table spoon of amla powder in it. Then dry roast it on low flame. Don’t put it on too high a flame, it should be on low flame.

Then turn off the stove after this amla powder is dry roasted well. This dry roast is nicely browned with a thick brown color. After this, mix six table spoons of henna powder in it. This ratio can be adjusted according to the length of your hair. A few people who do not know how to do all these herbal hair dyes only grind the henna head and rub it on their head.

Doing the that will not turn your gray hair to black instead it will turn a brown color to red. Then add half a tablespoon of inknut powder to it. Why we add this inknut powder is to make this hair dark last long and also very dark.  Maybe you don’t have access to this inknet powder or you don’t want to add it but you can just skip this one step.

Now add hot water little by little to the mixture of these three ingredients. Don’t overmix the hot water, just add enough water to make the paste creamy enough to apply on your head. It is not necessary that you should add hot water. Also, if you want your hair follicles to be very strong and hair growth, you can add green tea or tea decoction.

Now after mixing all these well in the same pan do not pile it up and spread it all over the pan. Why do we do that because this mix that we have made and that iron together will do the chemical reaction because of that we will get a good black color. Then sprinkle some water on it and leave it for 12 hours. If you take it less than 12 hours, you may not get a good result.

So it is better if you make this mixture in the evening or night before and leave it for next morning and then use it. Then take it in the morning and add six spoons of indigo powder to it. Since it was already overnight it will have thickened a little bit now we have added indigo powder so you add little water and mix it well till you get a creamy consistency. That’s it, our natural herbal dye is ready.

How to apply:-

Before you apply two herbal hair dyes on your scalp, you should wash your scalp well. Before applying this hair dye, make sure your head is free of dirt and oil. Then take this hair dye with a brush and apply it all over your head from top to bottom. Do not apply it lightly on your hair and apply it as a thick layer on your hair. Then leave it for one or two hours.Wash your hair well but don’t wash it with shampoo just wash it normally.

If you can see the result from the first time of using this herbal hair dye combination, it will not be that much. Apply this hair dye once every two days for four time continuously. After using these four times you will see your hair turning black naturally. After achieving a well-toned black hair, you can use it once a month or twice a month and you will get a long-lasting black hair. Thus, you can do this hair dye naturally at home and get the benefits

All the products we have taken here are only natural herbal products which can give benefits to our hair naturally. This way there will be no side effects for your hair or your head and only benefits for you. You should not apply this indico powder the night before, when you are going to use it on your scalp, apply it and mix it only a few minutes before that time.

For any reason, do not add and mix the powder beforehand because the effect will be lost. Always add that indigo powder just a few minutes before you apply it.

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Amla powder:-

Amla is usually taken for hair problems or body problems. Because it is rich in nutrients. Even doctors recommend this amla for hair problems and body problems. Amla contains anti-oxidants which helps our hair to grow black, long and thick. Amla is rich in phytonutrients such as vitamins. All these help to regulate the blood flow in your body and thereby help your hair to grow.

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of this amla are beneficial in removing the existing infections and dandruff on your scalp. Similarly, we have heard people say that when we eat amla, do not take too much because it is very cooling. Similarly, you should not take too much of this amla powder, three tablespoons is enough. Its cooling properties help prevent hair fall and re-grey.

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