Best Homemade Hair Oil for Hair Loss

Hello friends, Today we are going to see in this post, we are going to see a homemade hair oil that can control the hair loss. Many of us like this very easy remedy to apply homemade hair oil and then take a bath. So we are going to look at this post today about how we can control our hair fall by adding some ingredients to that homemade hair oil. After you start using this homemade hair oil within a few days you will get the benefits and how it’s controlled hair loss and then you will know how beneficial this homemade hair oil is. So, without wasting our time, in this post, I will tell you the details of how to make this homemade hair oil, how to use it, how to apply it.

Preparation of homemade hair oil:-

I don’t tell you to use this hair oil for a long time, just for a testing of 2 weeks only, try using this hair oil twice for two week. Then you will see the result how it controls your hair fall and dandruff and improves hair growth. Many of us have lice, dandruff and itching problems on our heads and it clears up all that stuff on our heads and gives you good results. Today we are going to look at such an effective hair oil.

As I said earlier you only need to use it two days a week and you don’t necessarily need to use it daily. However, our hair ball is not always the same, one week it’s more and one week it’s less, this pattern keeps changing and in such cases, if you use this hair oil regularly, you’ll get good results. To that extent, the hair oil that I am going to talk about today is one of the most effective.

So the ingredients I have used in it are very effective on effect and I have added two important oil in it. Let’s see how to make this hair oil. This is a very important process, so don’t skip any step and take the quantity of ingredients that I am giving. Because only then it will give you a better result.

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Necessary ingredients:-

  1. Neem leaf – 10 leaf
  2. Fenugreek seed – 1 1/2 tbsp
  3. Tulsi (Basil leaf) – 20-25 leaf
  4. Mustard oil – 2 tbsp
  5. Coconut oil – 50 ml

Neem Leaf:-

The first thing I would take for this homemade hair oil is neem leaf. When you take this neem leaf, take young neem leaf that is light green. Do not pick mature neem leaves that are dark green. When you take young neem leaves that are light green in color like this, it won’t produce heat as much and you won’t have any itching problem. In addition, neem leaves have antibacterial properties.

It will strengthen your hair roots and completely clear your head of dandruff, lice problem. Also, for those with gray hair, this hair oil is very helpful in getting rid of gray hair and preventing it from coming back.

Fenugreek seed:-

Next thing we take is fenugreek. Fenugreek contains vitamin K. This fenugreek seed tightens the tissues where each hair grows and strengthens the hair well. And even in the areas where we lose hair quickly, you get that strength and control hair loss.


The next ingredient that we are going to take is Tulsi. What is this Tulsi that we are going to take? It has anti-fungal properties. This Tulsi clears scalp problems like alopecia areata and scalp fungal infection due to excessive sweating. Another thing is that add basil to this hair oil which gives it a nice fragrance. Now take ten leaves of young neem leaves and put them in a mixing jar.


How to make this homemade hair oil:-

Also add one and a half spoon of fenugreek seed. Add 25 basil leaves  and neem leaves to it. Grind these three and do not add any water and grind them raw. Now to make hair oil, take a bowl and take two table spoons of what you have grinded in it. Next add 50ml of coconut oil to this, this coconut oil will promote hair growth and control split ends. Next we can take two tablespoons of mustard oil in this mixture. What is this mustard oil for? It contains vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E etc.

An oil rich in vitamin E is this mustard oil. Because vitamin E plays a role in our hair growth and makes your shiny and it increases the thickness of our hair. The way we use this mustard oil will be useful for us. Now I am taking coconut oil 50 ml and for that I am using only two table spoon of mustard oil so take only this amount. Now add all the items we need to add. To do this, you need to take the required amount of water in a vessel and put this oil mixer on it.

In this way you can heat the oil in double boiling method. If we see after 20 minutes, the color of the oil will have changed well. And the color of the ingredients we have added will also change well. After all the nutrients in this ingredient have been absorbed into the oil, if you see it after 20 minute, the oil will turn a light green color. Now we have this effective hair oil ready that you can store at home for up to three months.

How to apply:-

Now take that little bit of hair oil in your hand and massage it on your scalp with your fingertips. When you massage your scalp well like this, the dandruff flakes that are stuck to your scalp will come up and stick to your hair. Then when you do hair wash it will be permanently removed from your head. Like this, when you massage your scalp in small circular motions, your blood circulation will increase which will help your hair grow.

You can leave the oil on for an hour and then you can wash. Apply this hair oil to all parts of the head evenly, otherwise if you don’t apply it to a few parts of your head where there is hair loss, then remaining parts have same hair loss.

Use it twice a week whenever you need it. Hair oils are not suitable for everyone, make hair oil according to your problems and apply it.  You can even use this hair oil on children above five years of age. Because since then they start having problems like lice, dandruff, hair loss, scalp itching problems.

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